Project Halo - Intro


Hi I’m Ali Grant and I am an artist and designer passionate about how spaces make us feel. Having danced my way through nearly seven years of university life and many more since, I love how music makes us move. It was during this formative time I found my life goal… to create the ultimate music venue for dance music. A place where not only yours but the person next to you whole body vibrates, moving through and above you, transforming ordinary moments to the exceptional.

It is this quest that has lead to where I reside today; Ibiza, a mecca for party goers, music lovers and sensitive souls all trying to achieve a state of mind where all else falls away and you are at one with the music.

It is a state of mind that is similar to mediation, but it’s active, dynamic and shared with friends. It’s this state of being I believe, will inspire future generations to connect with their higher purposes and change their lives and our world for the better.

So I want to invite you on a journey into the unknown to create a state of the art sound system, music venue and community designed from scratch, governed by its users built for one purpose…. To create the best music experience possible!

The vision is centred around a world leading music experience 'The Halo Soundsystem' with a carefully designed dance floor without segregation. Using an architecture that is environmentally friendly and run on renewable energy. 

This is by no means a guaranteed outcome, win or lose I want to share the journey from initial idea to end result. Designing, drawing modelling, and building a state of the art venue.

So please like, subscribe and share this with your friends and join us on this adventure into the unknown!