Ibiza Rocks Stage Design

Ibiza Rocks have always done things a little differently having been born from the legendary Manumission family who helped create the island’s magic in its formative years. Standing on the original Club Paraiso site in the heart of San Antonio, this club - hotel is renowned for hosting hugely successful daytime pool parties in collaboration with a wide range of global artists.

Craig David in Ibiza Rocks Hotel DJ booth

This project was a renovation of their main arena, associated bars, hotel rooms and “shop front” by providing a new graphic style created by Big Active, as well as giving the entire venue an aesthetic and sound overhaul.

The main arena concept included providing a platform to showcase the artist in the centre of the arena whilst also creating more seating and VIP areas around the pool. The DJ booth design was modified alongside input from Craig David who performs weekly at the venue peak season and who wanted to be able to walk into the crowd to get up close and personal with his audience.

Ibiza ROcks Hotel DJ booth

The materials from the previous stage were recycled into day beds and VIP tables were placed around the new stage to create the best view for those clients. The 3D model allowed us to experiment with design and layouts as well as enabling acoustic modelling of the arena for positioning of the VOID system speakers supplied by our engineering partners Neuron Pro Audio.

Ibiza Rocks hotel arena

The result was a spectacular main arena fit for the array of worldwide stars it continues to house, in addition to perfectly distributed audio reaching all the ears of those who flock to this party mecca. 

Audio analysis Ibiza rocks hotel arena

Above is a frequency graph for the distribution of audio in the arena supplied by our engineering partners Neuron Pro Audio.

Out front - and the main entrance was also redesigned to create an “instagram” backdrop for all arriving guests. Here you can see the original render on the left and the finished entrance on the right.

Ibiza Rocks front entrance sign

And finally the bedrooms were also renovated using custom artwork, bed linen and layout  to create a unique style guests would instantly recognise as “Rocks”. You can see the render we created on the left and the finished room on the right.


Ibiza Rocks Hotel bedrooms

Ibiza Rocks hotel plans

All in all this project was a labour of love fusing audio and art and one that we were immensely proud to be involved with. To be kept up to date with adventures such as this, please sign up to our newsletter and you will hear first and direct to your inbox!