Penthouse Audio Install - Lisbon

We are thrilled to be currently working on this audio and interior design project in collaboration with Ibiza Interiors at a wonderful penthouse apartment in the heart of Lisbon, Portugal.

 PMC Lisboa apartment

Included in this project is the installation of PMC's flagship FACT 12 signature speakers which provide spaces with a cinema surround experience and music you can feel as well as hear. Coupled with the beautiful spherical Gallo satellite speakers, this environment will be transformed into an audiophiles dream whilst complementing the sleek home in which they will reside.


Lisbon audio instal Plan

The apartment will be divided into six zones thus distributing lossless audio throughout and allowing our clients full control by using the wireless Blu OS operating system. This system functions across the home network and on a variety of devices thus also allowing different music to be played simultaneously in different zones.

BluOS music streaming lisbon

Last but by no means least - this whole system will be powered by the NAD hybrid digital reference amplifiers to create a truly exceptional music experience within this gorgeous penthouse.

NAD amplifier


Of course we will show you all when this project is finished. Meantime, why not check out our socials so that you too can be inspired to create your dream audio home.