Pikes Nightclub - Ibiza

Collaborating with Dawn Hindle the owner of Pikes Hotel we wanted to improve the overall music experience by creating a little magic for the guests by converting the old bar area into a dedicated dance floor.

This award wining project we had a chance to get deep into design focusing on how to improve an old suite made famous by Freddy Mercury's who frequented the hotel and held his infamous 30th birthday celebrations in the very same room. It was this space that was turned into what is now know as 'Freddies'


Pike Hotel Freddy's nightclub before and after image

The before and after shots show how much has changed, with the space extended into the next room giving more dance area, while retaining the charm of the original Sabina wood roof.

Pikes ibiza bed

The bed was redesigned to fold out of the end wall so guests can still sit around and chat just like house parties it is modelled on. You can see my rendering of the design on the left and the finished bed on the right. The wallpaper and duvet are custom made from old pictures of Tony Pike the late founder.

Pikes Ibiza Bar

The redesigned bar area created a little more room while retaining the water well bench original to the room. Again you can see my rendering on the left and the completed room on the right.

Pikes Ibiza Freddy's

The concept was to create what feels like the best house party every night, so the look and feel had to resemble a home. The main dance floor was the living room, the Bedroom is on the right and the bar area resembled the dining kitchen.

Pikes Ibiza DJ booth designThe DJ booth was designed with DJ Harvey from rough sketches emailed over to ensure he had enough space for his custom rotary mixers and equipment. 

DJ Harvey Pikes Ibiza

Client: Dawn Hindle

Designed by: Al Grant

Audio: Void Acoustics