Redbull / Danley Sound System

Work in Progress - 

The idea behind this project was to create a no limits touring system for Redbull Music artists which could be used in multiple scenarios from small intimate gigs to large festivals.

This meant the booth had to modular is design, with options to increase or reduce its size depending on the venue. We also wanted both digital and analogue options depending on the artists preference so designed a rotating mixer section to flip between mixers at a push of a button. 

A big thanks and shout out to our collaboration with Redbull Music UK, who vision made this project possible, Danley Sound Labs who were up for creating the prototype BC215's and Neuron Pro Audio the engineering talent behind the project.Redbull DJ Booth and stage

Redbull DJ BoothRedbull DJ BoothRedbull DJ BoothRedbull DJ BoothRedbull DJ BoothRedbull DJ Booth