Canvas and Cone was founded by artist and designer Ali Grant in 2019. After building successful companies in Bristol, England, a cafe and design studio. He started Canvas and Cone as way to help clients build their own dream venues. 

Canvas and Cone has grown to be a full service project company to help professional developers and private clients to build their dream projects on Ibiza and internationally. 

With our team of designers and technicians we work on projects which keep growing in number, diversity and size. From small projects for private clients to venues and commercial spaces internationally. 

Bringing the best audio visual brands to the island was the first goal when Ali was developing the concept for this new company. With our shop we are now selling Hifi, Pro Audio equipment and bespoke furniture, beautiful lighting fixtures and contemporary art on the island.

Ali will be very happy to drop by and talk about the possibilities to help you realise your dream project on the white island. Whether it’s the design for a new venue or villa, or the interior and decoration thereof, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

We are very open for any kind of collaboration.